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Happy New Year




May you be blessed this year with wealth, health, and happiness.

As you have noticed, there is not a rune that matched the letter “y”. Depending on how the “y” is being used, either Eihwaz or Jera can be used when translating written text into runic script. Happy New Year requires the use of both translations for “y”. Have some fun with the letters and write your intention for the new year in runes. It engages the mind, and asks the child to play a bit with the seriousness of intentions. The table below shows the translations of runes to alphabet letters for you to use:

I have adopted Christine Kane’s Word of the Year practice to choose one word to focus on and set my intention for the entire year. Last year I chose Joy, and the year before it was Peace. This year I am choosing


It it a step of faith to choose HEALTH, as my experience is that I often have experiences that are unlike my yearly intention to strengthen my resolve, and to learn how to move around the barriers that have defeated me in the past. Since I am currently in a health challenge—it is the road I am already walking. Improving my health is the current challenge that the Universe has given me .  I have been embracing a healthier lifestyle for the last couple of months and am making it my focus for this new year. I am walking daily, drinking green smoothies for breakfast, eating healthier—more organic, less fat, less processed foods. I am taking time for me, have a daily spiritual practice of choosing a daily rune, a Gaian Tarot Card, and a Healing Card. I contemplate and sometimes journal on the connections between them and find that this practices enriches my life by opening my awareness of the sacredness that surrounds me.

I encourage you to pick a word that can  focus your intent for 2011. And may your focused intent make all your dreams come true.

In Love and Light,