Rune Meanings

–Simple Runic Definitions

d8a face 1   Fehu-
Mobile wealth, cattle, abundance; arms raised in gratitude as they receive all good things.

d8a face 2   Uruz-
Auroch, Ox, strength, tenacity, endurance. Solid. Surefooted. Both feet on the ground.

d8a face 3Thurisaz-
Thor’s Hammer, destruction, defense, making your own path. Ice pick, ability to crack through barriers and open to possibility. Protection by offence; not defense.

d8a face 4  Ansuz-
Voice of the Goddess, speak your truth. Wise counsel.

d8a face 5  Raidho-
Travel, journey, relocation. Movement, newness. Joy on legs.

d8a face 6  Kenaz-
Passion, fire, pubic triangle, sex. Creation, inspiration. Relatives.

d8a face 7  Gebo-
Gift. Balance, partnership. Well-earned rewards. Double Kenaz.

d8a face 8  Wunjo-
Joy, pleasure, harmony. Centered peace on one end to ecstasy on the other. Comfort.

d8b face 1  Hagalaz-
Chaos, destruction, abrupt change. The crone, crossroads, Trial, a choice to make.

d8b face 2  Nauthiz-
Need-fire, will-power, self-reliance. Challenge and the strength to overcome.

d8b face 3  Isa-
Ice, stagnation. Barrier. Stillness. Immobility. Inflexibility. Winter.

d8b face 4 Jera-
The year, cycles of time. The Harvest. Dancing Kenaz; sex and fertility. Enthusiasm. Fall.

d8b face 5 Eihwaz-
Yew tree. Arrow-defense and reliability. True aim. Motivation. Set your goal, aim and fire.

d8b face 6   Perthro-
Lot (luck) cup. Celebration. Roll the dice; take a chance. The unknown.

d8b face 7  Algiz-
Elk. Protection. Defense. Animal guides, bird tracks, unexpected help. Protected by the Gods.

d8b face 8  Sowilo-
The Sun. Success. Summer. Efforts come into the light. High energy. Life force. Leadership.

d8c face 1   Tiwaz-
Sacrifice, honor. Rationality. Courage, strength of character. Victory against all odds.

d8c face 2   Berkano-
Birth, breast, sustenance. Renewal, Spring. A new endeavor.

d8c face 3   Ehwaz-
Cooperation, animal partnership—horse and rider. Teamwork, trust. Instinctive partnership.

d8c face 4   Mannaz-
Marriage, partnership. Double Joy. Unconditional love.

d8c face 5  Laguz-
Water, the unconscious. Healing. Calm, rest, solitude. Dreams, intuition, divination. The sea.

d8c face 6Ingwaz-
Fertility, the womb. Kenaz joined. Conception. Time of growth. Stay the course. Gestation.

d8c face 7 Dagaz-
New Day. Renewal. Breakthrough. Dawn, daylight. All is revealed. Anything is possible. Hope.

d8c face 8  Othala-
Inheritance, DNA, legacy, transformation.