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Water Blessing

On Tuesday, I facilitated a ritual at The Center for Spiritual Living in Bellingham. It was timed to coincide with the Venus Transit–which occurs once every 140-150 years. Venus is the feminine planet and when it comes to the forefront, so will the feminine attributes of healing, communication, community, and compassion.  The 13 Grandmothers, leaders of Indigenous tribes all over the globe heard the planet call for help. They called for people all over the Earth to gather by the Fire in sacred space to bless the waters of the Earth that She might be able to cleanse, heal, and renew Herself.

96 of us gathered by the sacred fire and honored the 7 sacred directions. We heard Cloud’s Story and honored the waters within us and surrounding us. People brought water from all over the NW and places as far as Chalice Well in England; snow from the mountain passes, flood waters and freshly fallen rain.  All went into a great singing bowl  that mixed the waters and created our own Ocean. We blessed this Living Water–these drops that are connected to all the waters of the earth. We sang and danced our blessings into the water and deep into the Earth. And we each took some of that Ocean home with us to remember our connection and committment to Her healing.

Certainly we were experiencing the Laguz rune. The intent was to heal the waters of the Earth while we were in community with the entire planet. The collective unconscious lives just underneath the surface of the waters–accessible by all. Great power for healing and renewal lives in the water, in the bloodstreams of all of us.

I have a vial of this Ocean on my altar, a reminder that I am connected to every being on the planet, that I have a responsibility to pray for and act in consort with Her healing, and that I have been blessed by those that came together for the same purpose…knee deep in planetary healing.

Blessed Be!