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All Hail-Hail All

Just walked out the door into the first hail of the season in Bellingham. What attention it commands; what energy it releases! While running to my car I pondered how saluting our Gods, ancestors, or those we look up to with “Hail!” has a more visceral meaning. There is so much magic in really experiencing the coporal existence we are having. Everything lives in the body. The trick is to pay attention.

I think of hail as Isa meeting Hagalaz. The ice and stillness of water is thrown around and released with destructive force. And chaos is coming to NW Washington. The huge storm that has been battering Alaska is moving down to assault us. My daughter just called that the power is out at home, the hail continues, and the winds are becoming fierce. Appropriate for Veterans Day, I think.

All Hail the warriors that kept our ancestors safe so we could be. All Hail the warriors that sacrificed so we can live in freedom on this great land. All Hail the warriors that remain ever steadfast at their posts. All Hail!!