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I live in SW Washington with my husband, work at a large health care organization, am a mother, sister, and grandmother.  I am also an ordained Priestess of Isis-Stella Maris devoted to the Triple-Goddesses Isis, Brigid and Freya. Freya is the triple-goddess of the Norse peoples and is believed to have taught Odin the seidr magic (feminine shamanism) in return for teaching her the mystery of the runes. Freya is lover, warrior, and priestess; gatherer of those who fall in battle and protector of her people.  She uses the runes to scry what future that the Gods let us see- and also to create protections and boons for her people. I have Norse blood running through my veins; the runes called to me when I was in priestess training.

I believe that language is profoundly generative.  What we speak, becomes. Masaru Emoto has studied and photographed the effect the spoken word has on the crystalline form on water as it freezes. The runes are a physical way to encompass all the ideas of that form and bring it into the conscious realm. Saying their names is an important part of activating them.  They are much like the tarot trumps-larger-than-life concepts which are the basic structure of the human experience.  I work with them to see themes in my life, to work magics of protection, abundance,  and healing. Brigid urges me to create; and making my magical tools is satisfying and effective. Making runes for others is one way of sharing Rune Wisdom.

Bindrunes can be created to encompass two (2) or more runes in a single symbol which can have the advantages of beauty, individualism, and obscurity to the uninitiated.

My other interests are sure to show up in my blog–tarot, energy work, singing and chanting, crafting (I dyed the rune eggs above with natural dyes ), prayer, healing, and connecting to the sacred in whatever way is presented to us in the moment. I truly believe that all paths lead to God. My personal path is Goddess centered, Wiccan, Pagan, and Heathen-Norse. My ancestry is as varied as my eclectic spiritual practice and most likely the reason that different aspects of all of these resonate within me. The same golden thread of Divinity and Truth are woven through them all.

I hope you will browse my site, find a rune set that calls to you I can bless and send your way; or a reading cloth to augment your rune toss. Share your rune experiences, and comment on mine. Let’s start a dialogue, and create a new world.

Blessings from Sunrise to Sunrise,
Debra Strom

Email me at strom.debra@gmail.com if you’d like an in-person tarot/rune reading.

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