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Laguz–the liminal edge

Laguz is the rune of the lake and its shore, the water that surrounds us and that we are made of,  the subconscious that shapes our conscious lives. It can indicate not just these  places, but the liminal space where the two meet. It is in this mutable place, this time out of time that mystery lives and magic happens.

Think of the mists that surround Avalon; the Lady of Lake and the gift of Excalibur.

Have you ever been to the shore, and played in the tide pools and the estuaries? They are teeming with life and possibility. Many creatures that live there have the ability to live in both salt and fresh water as their environment is constantly changing. While powerful, these places of mystery and magic are fragile and must be respected and cared for.

Impermanance is another hallmark of the liminal space. Nothing stays the same. Taking the action, making the decision is the gift of the moment. It may lead to a result; but the result is not obtained in this border of in-between. Laguz is about the internal actions and feelings; about you changing as a result of being in the space. There is often a spiritual aspect to address or respect when this rune show up.

When Laguz shows up in a reading, pay attention. It is calling you to look under the surface; seek the deeper meanings. What part of your magical nature is it calling to? What will you choose?


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  1. This a a water/earth liminal edge. I had never thought of the rune this way, but I can accept this as one of it’s actions. I tend to think of the liminal edge as Daguz, the air/fire edge. Interesting rune discussion possibilities lie within this “passive/active” liminality.

    Maybe that liminal alignment has to do with our individual diffrences or even what we need at a certain time. And, I wonder, are we actually working as the human species, to blend all liminal aspects together into somthing that is functional after global warming?

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