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Remembering …

  Today I said goodbye to Ron Davis with family and friends at his funeral service. He was 20 years my senior; and he and his family were a cherished and constant presence in my childhood and youth.  As often is the case; the pain of loss is lessened by the reconnections we make as we gather to remember the stories and the presence of the loved one we are laying to his well deserved rest. Many memories were shared; and my father and Ron’s father (both had already passed over) were in some of the pictures shared and brought back many memories.

After the service and reception, I stopped at the cemetery where my parents, both sets of grandparents and Ron’s father are all buried to lay swags on their graves and visit them in both physical and spiritual space. I have been flooded with memories–most of them comforting and happy–all day. It is important for me to make the pilgrimage to their resting place to feel a sense of connection and to honor that connection.

It seems fitting that on the shortest night of the year we celebrate the life well lived; and on the first day that the Sun resumes her path of increasing light; he is laid to rest on Earth; and starts his new journey in the otherworld–be it heaven or some other wonder-fulled place of rest and renewal. Many of us have lost loved ones at this time of year–it is natural time of culling in the wild and domestic herds; and seems that  humans follow the same tendency. As sure as the earth is dormant and sleeping now–we know she will awaken in glorious abundance and beauty in the spring. How can the same not be true for us?

Rest well my ancestors and friends–I look forward to the time we meet again.

Blessed Solstice Night,