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Rune Dice Premiere at Northwest Tarot Symposium (NWTS)

I have created a new way to read the runes, which is light, portable and very accurate. My prototype RUNE DICE were a big hit and many are looking forward to them being available sometime this summer.  What is different about my dice is they are 8-sided so each represents a full aett or family of runes.  I am using the Elder Futhark which consists of 24 runes, arranged in three families of 8 runes each. The green houses the first aett, which reflects the life on earth and all the realms of middle earth. The black houses the 2nd aett, which reflects our deepest journeys in Hel.  And finally the white houses the 3rd aett; the realm and lessons of Asgard, home of the Gods.  Here is a picture of a reading I took today, asking to show what I brought back from my time at NWTS last weekend.

To read them, the top face of the dice are read as the primary runes; and the runes you can see on the sides augment the reading. What I see in this reading is:

Algiz-Elk or bird. This weekend bird showed up to leave footprints behind that I could follow.  I came to learn how to publish my booklet to accompany these rune dice and to learn from the tarot tribe.  All were so generous with their information! I want to shout out to Mellissae Lucia and Carolyn White for sharing their knowledge and encouraging me on this project. Both gave great presentations and I highly recommend them both. Digging in and learning how to assimilate the shared knowledge as I make my individual journey is the inner work I have before me.  I was also able to meet Carolyn Cushing of Soul Path Sanctuary in person after being wisdom sisters for ages in the Gaian Tarot Circle and Dark Goddess Lodge.  JOY!

Thurisaz- Thorn or axe.  This is the day to day practical work of hacking through any barriers (real or imagined) that keep me from realizing my goals.  I can also set up a thorny barrier to protect myself from intrusion and distraction so only really important issues/concerns can sway me from my task.

Othala-Legacy or transformation. My final result will be to leave behind a new way to read and work with the runes.  And bringing them to manifestation has the power to change not only my life but live of others as well.

The augmenting runes have something to say as well…Pethro– is the dice cup, luck and fortune won and/or lost.  Both it and Ingwaz-the womb are containers for the rune dice concept while it germinates and matures prior to being released in this summer. And Raido- the journey or traveler represents not only the journey of this creation, but a very real trip to Thailand which was determined this weekend.

I came for inspiration, education, and connection and left with all three in abundance!

Blessings on YOUR journey,



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Spring Frogs

One of my favorite ways to end the day is to soak in my hot tub on my back deck. The weather has been very cold for this time of year in the Pacific Northwest and we are still having intermittent snow flurries; and this week high winds. It makes me appreciate the warm tub even more!

Even though Spring is around the corner, Winter’s grasp is still strong. Soaking and relaxing, I thought I heard a frog croak—no that couldn’t be, it’s too cold. But no, in just another minute there was a significant number of frogs singing to the stars above (and each other to be sure!) It was the first frog I have heard this year. I live just above the wetlands spreading out to Lummi Bay and the frog song can be deafening on a warm spring night. Tonight was not that night, but it does hold the seed and promise of the raucous and fertile time that is quickly approaching, no matter that the land still wears its winter coat.            

032    Frogs bring Othalla or Othala to mind. It is a rune that looks like a tadpole that has grown back legs and also a bit like part of the double-helix of DNA. It is concerned with ancestry, DNA, heritage, prosperity, and heredity. Frogs have sensitive DNA and changes in the frog population is often an early indication that there is something affecting the environment in a negative way. Frogs also change dramatically in form from the time they hatch from the egg as a tadpole to transforming into a 4-legged frog. They even have the ability to change sex to ensure that there are enough pairs to replenish the population. With this amazing ability it is no wonder that storytellers chose a frog to turn into a prince with a kiss from a beautiful princess—that would be significant motivation for change!

As I listen to the frogs I am filled with gratitude knowing that even though I can’t feel Spring yet; the frogs can. I am reassured that the endless cycles of nature are repeating; and Spring will not be stopped. There are buds on the Japanese Cherry tree and I did see a single daffodil poking out her yellow bonnet just this morning. Spring is coming—just listen to the frogs; they know.

Blessing of the Coming Spring,