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On the Road with Raido


I have been surrounded by the spirit of Raido this week. Raido is about the journey and the paths  you travel. The city is working on the road in front of my house, and in front of my work. Pretty funny to have barriers leaving home and entering work; or leaving work and entering home. OK, maybe not funny at all—but I do have to pause before I enter and leave the road twice a day. And in being forced to pause as part of the journey, I realize the value in doing just that.

I love that the runes look like whatever they symbolize. Doesn’t Raido look just like a person in mid-step—walking forward? Easy for me to begin to think about all that goes with traveling; preparing by planning the route, taking along the tools and supplies you need, determining how long it will take and when you will be able to return home, do I need  a companion on this journey? In today’s language it might look like: do I have my Garmin or other directions/maps; cellphone, water, snacks, music; get a pet sitter, or put a hold on the mail; call to tell my friend I’m on the way to pick them up. Even going to work requires the same thought processes: the road construction requires I take a different route to work to save time;  remember my lunch, cellphone, and files; do I need to put dinner in the crockpot because it will be a long day; or set something out to thaw to cook when I get home; am I carpooling today or on my own?  Haven’t we all had those days we are in a hurry and forget something that ends up taking us longer?  Raido is not just the action of moving forward; but contains the whole picture—planning, movement, and arrival.

Raido corresponds with the Chariot tarot card; number 7 of the major arcana. It often depicts a person in a chariot or other conveyance pulled by two similar animals, one light and one dark—often looking to the opposite of the the card. Themes for the card are the struggle between choices, control of your destiny, focused direction, overcoming obstacles, self-control, mastery of your desires, clarity of purpose. In the Gaian Tarot my dear friend Joanna Powell Colbert has chosen the the Canoe as the image to portray taking control of ones destiny. With the runes being a tool used by the Norse ancestors who traveled so extensively by water, the canoe image resonated with me. I even created a tarot spread designed to give me insight on what I might need to know on my journey. Try it using either tarot cards  or runes,  the questions and spread design follow:

                                                        1  RUNE/CARD 

3  RUNE/CARD                          5  RUNE/CARD                        4  RUNE/CARD 

                                                        2  RUNE/CARD 

Card 1
Eagle’s view–What is the big picture? What inspires me? What makes the journey worth it?

Card 2
Salmon’s gift–What wisdom, deep knowledge or truth supports me on my journey? 

Card 3 
First Orca– What slows me down?What barriers must I overcome to reach my destination? What am I clinging to in my past that hinders me? What am I afraid of?

Card 4
Second Orca–What causes me to rush? What lesson will I miss if I hurry too fast? What opportunity am I limiting with too narrow a focus?

Card 5
Me– What must I do to glide forward effortlessly into my right and perfect future? What allows me to reach my destination with ease and joy?

Summer is certainly a time for travel. Spend some time with Raido soon, and see how you journeys become more fun, efficient, purposefulll—especially if the purpose is to enjoy the ride!!

Bright Summer Blessings,