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Meeting of Hearts 2011.06.08

Good Day!

Today  the runes that chose to show up for me were:

Mannaz 042    and  Laguz045

I think of Mannaz as “double joy” since it is the “P” of Wunjo facing itself. Partnership, marriage, connection, sharing, concern for other rather than for self—but for the betterment for both.

Laguz is the deep Lake of our sub-consciousness, is the watery place where our emotions, desires, affairs of the heart. Dreams, intuition, influencing the Wyrrd (fate, web of life) and healing are in the realm of Laguz.


Paired together, the two of them show me that my “work” today is to connect with others at a heart level. Partnerships will be strengthened by sharing concern with others; my needs will be best met by meeting others needs. Laguz always calls us to dive deep and look under the surface…so I will not be satisfied with the surface issue—but will be looking for the “heart” of the matter. And always I can choose to be in joy!

I have several consultations scheduled today with the intent to assist others in meeting their individual goals—which will meet my goals for the larger organization. Perfect! I will remember to engage my heart. Thanks to Odin and Freya for the message!   Odin was the God that was given the runes, and I am dedicated to Freya—so both send me wisdom through the runes.

What rune or runes showed up for you today??
And how will reflection or meditation make the wisdom available to you?

May the message be clear and your path smooth,


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