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Happy Solstice! Summer is Here—finally!


What a glorious day today was—Sunna shone bright in the skies and warmed all of us below. Soweilo is the rune of the Sun. All things bright and beautiful are Her pervue; success and joy are her mood. Occasionally one can get a sunburn by overindulging; but usually it was worth it!  All things in moderation—including moderation. Today is the peak of the season—the longest day. From here on the days will shorten until December 21st when the shortest day marks the beginning of lengthening days and the cycle starts all over again.

Sowielo cannot be inverted, it is the same at the top as it is at the bottom. She mimics the Sun’s path—rising, climbing to the apex, then setting—sinking during the night and arising the next morning to start all over again. Some other phrases/visuals that come to mind are a teeter-totter, what rises must fall, every ending is a beginning, there is no end to the circle.

Another truth about this rune is that like the Sun, it never sets. Success and joy are our birthright and always available to us. Sometimes we can’t see the sun, but we know it is still there. And we could travel to see it if we wanted to badly enough by going to the other side of the planet. When you are experiencing loss, grief, depression, failure…remember that they are just illusion and temporary. You are the Divine Child in the Sun card of the Tarot….and you can move to joy and success with clear intention and concrete actions that support that intention.The runes are magical tools to assist us in our work, not only a divinatory tool. Make an affirmation and surround it with the rune Soweilo. Put it up where yo can see it, and read it out load several times every day.Trace the rune over your heart, or third eye, or all your chakras; see it becoming part of you.   Visualize your intention, believe it and take steps to make it come true…it will! 

May you have a Blessed Solstice.


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