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Wednesday: Woden’s Day


Wednesday is dedicated to Oden (Woden). The runic mythology credits Odin, the AllFather with bringing the runes to conscious use. He hung suspended on Yggdrasi, the World Tree for 9 days and 9 nights without food or drink. Suspended between the 9 worlds of existance; he was awakened with a flash of insight that included the runes and how to use them for weal or woe. In today’s language it was like having an instant download of everything you need to know about runes, instantly.

Because of the importance of being suspended between the worlds; the rune Eihwaz–which is literally symboic of the World Tree–Yggdrasil is ruled by Odin. It connects the highest and deepest realms, and is a vehicle for shamans to use to travel between the worlds.
How can I honor Odin on Wednsdays?

Practice Divination: Toss the runes and read the upright ones; or draw a single rune to illuminate the answer to your question.

Try yoga or an other balancing practice: What does it feel like to be poised between two different points; or how does it fell to stand on your head? If you cannot try this physically, engage with the process of looking at things from the perspective of someone upside down. Look at the underbelly of the issue; what possibilities are available to you if you look at the issue from a totally different perspective?

Fast: Pick a level of fasting that is safe and you are comfortable with. Listen to your body, and experience what you feel like when your body isnt busy processing food–what thoughts do you now have time to process instead?

Adorn yourself or you space with Ravens: Huginn and Muninn (“thought” and “memory”) are the two ravens on Odin’s shoulder. Much of the energy around Odin is mental-battle strategy; trickery by clever wording, and long memories that tie clues together and work slowly towards victory and delivery of “just” rewards.

Be a Leader: Where do you provide leadership in your life? What new perspective do you have to share with the world? Wednesday is a great day to work on innovative projects. And since those are usually energizing, Wednesday (in the middle of the week) is a great day to spend time on them.

What do you do as a practive to honor Odin on Wednesdays? Please share with us in a comment below.

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