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Saturday: Lordag (Bath Day)

The Norse did not name Saturday after a god or Goddess; it simply remained lordag which translates to bath day. Even a culture that interwove the Gods into daily life knew that some days were needed to recharge and reconnect to our human bodies. Bath houses were built near or over natural hot springs–the basis for the Scandinavian love of saunas. If there were no hot springs, the bath house would be placed near a spring or stream. Bathing was a group event in the bathhouse weekly. But the Vikings washed their faces, washed and combed their hair in the morning and washed their hands before eating. There is some evidence that they rinsed out their mouths and noses as well. Certainly not the picture of filthy barbarians that is commonly portrayed.

I remember as a child that we took weekly baths, although they were on Sunday nights so we would be clean for school on Monday. I can still feel how it felt to be fresh and clean after my bath, wrapped up in a towel and a robe; watching Walt Disney and Wild Kingdom. Fresh sheets, and getting tucked in my Mom. Aaaaaaahhh. Now as a an adult I do make Satudays my day to refresh and renew. It can be a hot tub on my deck with a glass of iced tea or wine; soaking in my jacuzzi tub in my master bath, shaving, tweezing, trimming….or it can be a girls day out for a pedicure and maybe a manicure too. I go to the  or a couple times a year to really pamper my skin and my soul. It is a Korean spa that you can spend all day being pampered. Entrance fee is only $35 and all the pools, heated rooms, sauna are included. Many other services are available and are reasonalby priced. Olympus Spa’s mission is to make self care in the style of Korea available to the common woman. In Korea, the women go to hte baths in the morning, using mugwort infusion to purify and the soaks to remove any old skin. When I go,  I always get the Korean Body Scrub and Korean Moisturizing. My skin feels great for weeks afterwards. I try to get my scrub late so I can enjoy the day in the various pools before I get moisturized. Then I eat at the Korean restaurant and rest in the heated rooms until close. What a lovely day–perfect to take a friend and spend all day catching up.

How do you spend Saturday? Do you pamper yourself, take some time to refresh? I hope so!!

Saturday Blessings,

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