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Football in Seattle

My daughter collected a gift certificate I gave her several years agoe for a trip ro Seattle to watch our beloved Seahawks in person. What a grand adventure we had making the trek and spending the day with each other after homemade biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Though our team didn’t win, they played valiantly and the game was quite exciting.
I could imagine what the Roman games must have been like– more blood and death; but there are still significant injuries today–boxes for the well to-do, food, drink, costumes, and lots of noise.
Of course I had to reflect on the runes–
Tiewaz-the Quarterback throws with the precision of an arrow
Thurisaz-is the offensive front line–all focus to protect the quarterback and keep the other team away from anyone with the ball
Raido- the one who punts the ball and kicks fieldgoals; and also the running backs that scramble all over the field.
Just a few thoughts I thought you might enjoy as football players are our weekend warriors and really do embody much of what is represented by the runes.
I have to comment on how loud the stadium was…Seattle has the loudest fans in the NFL. It sounds and feels like a cone of power being raised when the fans come together to support the team in a play. And I believe that it really helps to shift the energy.
So thankful for a new and fun way to celebrate Dec 24th. Oh yeah, and for fabulous garlic buttered french fries–YUMM!!

Happy Christmas Eve to you and yours!

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