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Ansuz–Voice of the Universe

Tonight I drew Ansuz out of my cauldron of runes. Ansuz is the voice of the Goddess, the Universe, God; whatever you call the Creator of Life. When you draw this rune you had best listen up, and be willing to speak Her truth.

You can easily see the parallel lines that run from the top to the bottom. In neolithic symbolism these lines represent water or flow.  Parallel lines can also mean sound or speech depending on the context of the rest of the drawing. There are lots of wonderful connections between the runes and the marking of the people living during the neolithic period. Check out  Marija Gimbutus’ biography and some links to her archeomythological work. What connections do you find between the runes  and the symbols of these ancient people ?

 I have also been working with Caroline Myss’ Healing Cards. I find that reading a rune and another oracle together an enlightening way to expand the conversation with both. In this practice 1+1 really does = 3. The Healing Card I drew tonight was  #26:

 The Universe resides within the individual; and the individual’s actions affect the Universe. Listen carefully to the messages it sends you. Be brave enough to speak the truth, even if you are the only one who hears the message. You can choose to be a blight or a blessing upon this Earth. Choose to be a blessing and find yourself blessed by all that  you do.

In Her Healing Light,

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