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Gebo-the Gift

Today I am out shopping for gifts. Gebo is sometimes translated as gift or giftbringer. It looks like the “X” that marks the spot on a treasure map; and don’t we all want our gifts to be treasured? Maybe that is why one of the most common gifts is money. I am getting graduation cards and will be sending gift certificates and checks-both of which are promises of treasure. But there is more to Gebo than a dance with Capt. Jack. (And yes, I did just watch Pirates of the Caribbean)

Why do we feel compelled to give gifts anyway? And who do we choose to begift? We give to those who have crossed our paths and marked our lives. To those that we have spent time with and want to spend more time with. Cross mark, and time are all indicators of Gebo.

Crossing paths is a place of connection and a place of choice. It is also a place of power. Where 2 become 1 doubles the possibilities available to each. Gebo is created during the tying of a couples hands together in a handfasting or wedding ritual. It signifies the merging of 2 into 1 and the gifts that each bring to the relationship.

Gift giving is a mark of friendship. We mark milestones in our live with gift giving–births and birthdays, weddings, graduations, promotions. A thank you or apology seems more sincere when marked with a gift. The gift giving in the deep of winter was a way to mark the return of the sun on the Winter Solstice. The longest night marks the turn of the year that brings the first of the lengthening days until we reach Summer Solstice and the longest day. During medieval times the deep winter was a time of death and loss. The huge feasts to honor the sun allowed the farmers to cull the animals that would not survive the winter–giving their share of fodder to the remaining herd as well as providing sustenance and celebration to the peoples.

And lastly I want to explore that time is a factor in this rune. We mark the passing of time with gifts just like Mama Gaia gives us gifts of the harvest every summer and fall. The berries, greens and early fruits of summer and the fall harvest of grains and gourds. They return each year as the wheel turns and mark the seasons. Jera is really the rune of the harvest, but Gebo is the gift of the wheel as it spins us inextricably into the future.

My immediate future is the seeking and finding of cute graduation cards to wrap my gifts. You know I’ll buy the ones that are marked with Gebo’s X.

Enjoy the gifts of Saturday!

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Meeting of Hearts 2011.06.08

Good Day!

Today  the runes that chose to show up for me were:

Mannaz 042    and  Laguz045

I think of Mannaz as “double joy” since it is the “P” of Wunjo facing itself. Partnership, marriage, connection, sharing, concern for other rather than for self—but for the betterment for both.

Laguz is the deep Lake of our sub-consciousness, is the watery place where our emotions, desires, affairs of the heart. Dreams, intuition, influencing the Wyrrd (fate, web of life) and healing are in the realm of Laguz.


Paired together, the two of them show me that my “work” today is to connect with others at a heart level. Partnerships will be strengthened by sharing concern with others; my needs will be best met by meeting others needs. Laguz always calls us to dive deep and look under the surface…so I will not be satisfied with the surface issue—but will be looking for the “heart” of the matter. And always I can choose to be in joy!

I have several consultations scheduled today with the intent to assist others in meeting their individual goals—which will meet my goals for the larger organization. Perfect! I will remember to engage my heart. Thanks to Odin and Freya for the message!   Odin was the God that was given the runes, and I am dedicated to Freya—so both send me wisdom through the runes.

What rune or runes showed up for you today??
And how will reflection or meditation make the wisdom available to you?

May the message be clear and your path smooth,


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I’m Back!

017018after I  started my blog this winter, I started radiation treatment for uterine cancer after finding an early-stage cancer during  a hysterectomy. I had a total of 25 sessions, and after the initial treatment, I took a different rune with me into the treatment for each of the remaining sessions. I am now cancer-free, energetic, and back on track. It was quite an experience and I am working on sharing my experience of runic healing—but I’m not sure if it will be an e-book, published, or just filter into my blog.

I have a practice of pulling runes daily. I have been collecting them and making them for year. I have a beautiful pottery bowl adorned with Freya’s Boar-Hildisvini that I keep all the runes in. Today when I reached in, the runes that came to me face up were Fehu and Thurisaz—wealth and thorn. I also pull a tarot card daily. Currently I am using the Gaian Tarot created by my dear friend Joanna Powell Colbert. The card I drew was Strength—a woman shown holding a lioness in a fond embrace. So together it made me think that the message for the day was that wealth is like strength; most likely gained by courting rather than by force. All though there is a need for “pointed action” or focus as shown in the Thurisaz rune. As the Northern Mysteries do not fear/or hide the shadows we all create, there is a shadow meaning as well. Seeing only material wealth can be a thorn in your side, or make you a thorn in the side of others. Weath should improve your life and make you happy; it is doesn’t, then you are out of balance.


I am off to the Highland Games in my town of Ferndale, Washington this weekend. I will be at my huband’s booth, Michaels Books today and will have my runes with me if you want to drop by. I’ll be having a grand day listening to the bands, watching the dancing, and I just love seeing  the men in kilts—I’m off!!

Look for more postings and pictures to follow–

Hail! and Blessed Be,


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Happy New Year




May you be blessed this year with wealth, health, and happiness.

As you have noticed, there is not a rune that matched the letter “y”. Depending on how the “y” is being used, either Eihwaz or Jera can be used when translating written text into runic script. Happy New Year requires the use of both translations for “y”. Have some fun with the letters and write your intention for the new year in runes. It engages the mind, and asks the child to play a bit with the seriousness of intentions. The table below shows the translations of runes to alphabet letters for you to use:

I have adopted Christine Kane’s Word of the Year practice to choose one word to focus on and set my intention for the entire year. Last year I chose Joy, and the year before it was Peace. This year I am choosing


It it a step of faith to choose HEALTH, as my experience is that I often have experiences that are unlike my yearly intention to strengthen my resolve, and to learn how to move around the barriers that have defeated me in the past. Since I am currently in a health challenge—it is the road I am already walking. Improving my health is the current challenge that the Universe has given me .  I have been embracing a healthier lifestyle for the last couple of months and am making it my focus for this new year. I am walking daily, drinking green smoothies for breakfast, eating healthier—more organic, less fat, less processed foods. I am taking time for me, have a daily spiritual practice of choosing a daily rune, a Gaian Tarot Card, and a Healing Card. I contemplate and sometimes journal on the connections between them and find that this practices enriches my life by opening my awareness of the sacredness that surrounds me.

I encourage you to pick a word that can  focus your intent for 2011. And may your focused intent make all your dreams come true.

In Love and Light,


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Mannaz: Double Joy for the Holiday


Happy Christmas! My wish for you is that everything that you need to create the best year ever comes to you with ease and grace. My hope for you is that you embrace the dream you’ve been afraid to dream and  let your light shine.


The winter holidays bring out the best in people. We open our homes to friends and family, and we spend hours seeking and choosing the perfect gift for each person. People waiting in long lines strike up conversations and wish each other well. Children make gifts for Mom and Dad, and unexpected phone calls brighten our days.  We can feel a magic in the air that seems to only happen in the dead of winter.

Exploring the Mannaz rune, I see that it the perfect rune for this holiday season. Take another look at it and see that it is really two Wunjo runes facing each other. This is the reason some call it the “double joy” rune. It is two people facing each other, looking for and seeing the best in each other; as equals. Differences are set aside, and we meet on equal ground. We are there to support each other—partnership is implied. Mannaz is a rune that is experienced in communication with other people. As a people we seem to be united if by nothing else, in our search for meaning in this dark time. And in our determination to celebrate life and renewal in the middle of winter.   

There is also an aspect of Divinity meeting man in Mannaz. If we are all children of our Gods, then we have that Divine presence within us. Looking at each other—we recognize the joy that is present within. The God in me recognizes and rejoices with the God in you. Namaste` as we bow to each other. 

The Christ story  brings Light into the world through the birth of child.   The Druids worship the return of the Cosmic Sun that is accompanied by lengthening days. I believe that each of us gives birth to the Light every time we choose to do what is right, even if it is hard; asks what others need instead of asking what’s in it for me; when we ask what love would do, then act accordingly. 

May you all receive the blessings of Mannaz. May your light be recognized by others and reflected back to you in joy.

In Her Light,


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Wunjo Peace and Bliss—ours for the sitting… 2010.12.22


I just returned from a Sai Maa Diksha meditation. The intent of this meditation is to experience deep peace and bliss by releasing that which no longer serves you. While this is not my spiritual path, I find the practice of meditation is helpful in shifting me into a calmer, happier state. I arrived late and harried, and after the first hands on diksha blessing I was centered, moving on “slow time”, and felt at peace. After the second round I was certainly experiencing joy.

Wunjo is the Joy rune. It is the symbol of the world in balance; the magic that happens when everything just falls into place perfectly. This is the joy that feels as if it will last forever. And this can only happen when the spirit is free from anxiety, fear, guilt, and other judgments. This is the heart that is measured against Maat’s feather and found to be pure and acceptable.

Wunjo is the power of now. Suffering is found in attachment to the future or the past. But all we really have is now; in the center of the sacred circle—which lives within each of us. We have the ability to choose our mood at any moment—despite what may be going on around us. The power of now is available to us and visualizing Wunjo can help us make that shift to joy.

Runic Yoga is a practice of taking a pose that imitates the runes. You can also create runic mudras with your hands. I find that taking the pose of a rune really helps me embody it and experience it fully. And whenever I am working with Wunjo, I always spend time in gratitude for the experience and send a blessing to others and the planet that they may share in my joy.

We closed our meditation with the following chant:

Loving kindness
For all beings
From the One
Beyond the stars
Through the darkness into light
We behold the gift of peace…

Shades of Sowilo remain—that cosmic light lifting us and our spirits out of the darkness. I am filled with joy that the returning light brings. And so mote it be.