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Thursday: Thor’s Day


Thor is the God of Thunder and a powerful conqueror of barriers; especially thorny-type ones. He has a powerful hammer, Mjollnir—that can break anything, yet always returns to Thor’s hand.

Thurisaz is a rune to be used to break through barriers; physical ones and emotional ones. Can be used to break thru to “prickly” persons, or through the walls between lovers. Conversely, Thurisaz can be activated to set up a thorny barrier to protect or defend. It is most often an active rune, but that energy can be held in check waiting to be release by an attack.

An ancient version of Sleeping Beauty’s story illustrates the power of Thor and his hammer Mjollnir. Not only does the hero manage to breach the thorny hedge to get into the castle; he wakes her not with a kiss; but during the sex act—literally piercing her feminine barrier.

So how can I interact with these energies and honor Thor on Thursdays?

Make noise: Thor is the God of thunder. How can you engage in sound? Drumming,  clog dancing; maybe bowling? Have you ever heard that thunder is created when the Gods bowl?

Break something on purpose: Chop wood, trim the hedge, rototill the ground to ready it for planting.

Invoke Thurisaz to provide an energetic barrier of protection.

At work—take aim and break through to  a coworker that has been “prickly”. Visualize Thurisaz before you have the conversation; knowing that it can pierce through any barrier.

In love: Have sex with you lover. Buy roses—beauty and thorns,  tackle the conversation that is barbed with misunderstandings.

What do you do to honor Thor, or engage the energy of Thurisaz? Do you have a short story to share? Add a comment and let us know what works for you.

Blessings and Hail Thor!


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Moving into the change…


Today the rune spread I was given turned up these three runes:

Thurisaz, Algiz, and Hagalaz.

Direct action-protection and unexpected help- and chaos.  As always, it fits exactly with what is going on in my life. I am actually making changes to my home that I have talked about for a very long time. I made a choice to take action—landscaping, painting, laying new floors, redesigning where items will live in my house. It is possible by the unexpected help by others that are willing to help me do the work. I have been given supplies and that talent and time of others. What a gift. In order to have a changed (and better) living space, I must embrace the chaos that comes with that change. Right now my freezer is unfrosted and living in my bedroom hallway next to the fridge; changing my typical walking path. I have had to alter everything I do in my home during the deconstruction, reconstruction phase. A little painful, yes. A lot exciting—hell yes!

Getting this reading helps me fully recognize that change process, and allows me to embrace it and experience it in a more complete way….mind, body, and spirit. I get more out of life journeys when I really understand what is happening instead of just floating along with the current.

Armed with a hammer and a paintbrush—I’m off!

Have a bright and beautiful day,