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Rune of the Day: Fehu

   Today I drew Fehu. Mobile wealth on Tuesday–what does that look like?
   What I think is that this is a perfect day to take a couragaous step in my financial affairs. I am having a website created by Stacey Pruim at  The investment I am making will make my rune sets, rune dice, and rune classes available to others and provide some icome for me as well.  I have delayed moving forward because of fear–of failure, of success, thinking I had to do all the web work myself. Today I can take the next step forward; in alighment wth Fehu and bring my dream closer to reality. Both Freya and Tyr are sure of themselves and willing to pay the price required to have what they wanted. I am also willing to pay the price for my dreams. Some of that price is coin; but also due are attention, time, faith in others: all forms of mobile wealth. My website should be up by the end of October–the end of the Pagan year. Perfect. A new venture, in a new year; in the dark of the year when I really have time to devote to it.

I love the way the universe works! And I am so grateful to have the runes to show me the path to the future; and to see the possibilities available to me each and every day.

What does Fehu mean to you today?



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Tuesday: Tyr’s Day

Tuesday was named after Tyr. His rune is Tiwaz and looks like an arrow. The energy of this rune is to take aim and take action.  This warrior rune is used to target the enemy. Tyr is the Norse warrior that sacrificed his right hand to bind the Fenris wolf. He was the only God with the courage to put his hand in the mouth of the Fenris Wolf so the other Gods cound bind it. While Tyr paid the price for the trickery used to bind Fenris, his rune is a rune of truth. Using this rune with untruth always exacts a price.

How do I honor Tyr on Tuesdays?

Strategize how to overcome opposition. Do something that takes courage. Be truthful in your dealings today.

In  a personal approach; take aim on a habit you want to conquer or set a goal to improve  a skill  that will make you more competitive in your work or community.  Know that Tyr usually requires sacrifice–though it can be time, the discomfort that comes with change, or occassionally injury. Choose wisely so the pain is worth the gain. Set a goal, make an oath and swear it on Tyr’s right hand. But be sure it is something you are willing to sacrifice for.

What does Tuesday mean to you? Where do you have conflict in your life and what are you going to do about it? What does victory look like?

Aiming Straight and True,