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Isa – Stillness in Summer

   I am sitting at the bus stop waiting for the next bus. It is a busy day, yet I am in a moment of stillness. I look around me and note that there are hemlock and pine trees sharing my space. The trees are a manifestation of Isa with their straight trunks and rooted stillness.

Summer is all about growth, fruits, play and action. But in the center of it all is stillness and calm. I have a moment of reflection and feel the nudge of the Goddess. “All is good, all is well. Enjoy the Life you have been given; right now just as it is. Perfection.”

Under the tree I feel the coolness and remember Isa’s frosty winter bite. I appreciate the stillness she brings to the middle of a hectic day. Hail ISA!

Blessed Be-

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