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Journey to a Northwest Wedding

I am on the train, journeying to Seattle to Angie and Tim’s wedding. It is grey and misty outside but I still wore my requested sundress. I have lived in the NW all my life and I know there could still be sun by 3pm today. But as I journey I am thinking of two runes I have been posting about already–Raido and Gebo; the journey and the gift. I am creating bindrunes and combined them together as a symbol of the wedding journey. It is an illustration of not only the journey that brought them together, but the journey ahead for the rest of their lives. Raido + Gebo = Wunjo wrapped up in a bow. (See the picture illustrating this equation and bindrune)
Bindrunes can be very powerful. When you combine 2 or more runes you often create other runes at the same time. In this bind rune Wunjo became prominent. There is also Kenaz–in reference to a wedding it speaks to a new “kenning” or intimate knowingness, and a new chapter in the kin–the family. (A nod to the joy of sexual union as well)
As I charge this bindrune I know only happiness and joy for Angie and Tim as they continue this journey of love: knowing that they are blessed by giving of themselves and receiving from each other along the way.
Blessings on their wedding day!

In light and love,

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