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Musings on Days of the Week

I find it interesting that the days of the week carry mostly Norse or Germanic names…

Sunday ( Sunna’s Day or the day of the Sun)

Monday (Moon Day)

Tuesday  (Tiew’s day or Tyr’s day)

Wednesday (Woden’s Day  for the God Odin)

Thursday (Thor’s Day)

Friday (Freya’s Day or Frigga’s Day)

Saturday (Saturn’s Day–OK this one is Roman)

Saturday is the exception–and I read that the day between Friday and Sunday was called lordag which literally means bath day. The culture was to bath once a week. Since it was not a day to honor the Gods, it did not supercede what the Roman’s called it: Saturn’s Day. It seems that even the Vikings knew it was good to take a day for renewal and self-care. On Saturdays we’ll be looking at ways to take time out just for ourselves.

Dagaz is the rune for “day”.  I see two Kennaz runes facing each other in it–which could be seen as a double dose of creation. Each dawn is a new day; the first day of the rest of your life. Each day you create your experience through the choices you make. It also looks like the Othalla rune; it has a third Kennaz –symbolizing the continuation of creation. What we do today can influence our life in a way that can make lasting changes; and even influence what we pass down through the generations.

Today is indeed a new day. Sunny and bright; full of possibility and new choices. May you embrace the opportunity to choose anew today and everyday.

Summer Blessings,

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