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The Music of Mannez

Today my daughter and I are performing a song for two dear friends who are renewing their wedding vows on their 50th wedding anniversary. Mannaz came to me this morning as a perfect reminder of the joy we experience through the vehicle of music created in partnership.

Music is certainly a vehicle that carries our hopes and dreams, our pain and fear, our success and joy. And when two or more make music together something magical happens. The music lifts us to a place we could not reach alone.

We “play” music. That is how connected music is to joy. And the rune Mannaz looks like two Wunjo (joy) runes facing each other–as if they are ready to dance. And that is another way that we experience and embody music. Musicians move to the rhythm and phrasing of the music that they play. If fact, if they are having difficulty with a section of music–moving more may actually help them to flow right through that passage.

Music is supposed to fun. The key is to relax into it and just love who you are playing with and who you are playing for. Not a problem today!

May your day be filled with music- Deb

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